Hypnotized Dreams

I was torn apart when I woke up today
My intoxicating sweet dream of you
has been crushed and I am left with a
Bitter taste of reality.
You clouded my mind with precious
things and sugar coated sayings.
Each word is sweet but drips 
with lethal poison.
I die so slowly with every lie you tell.
And if that doesn't kill me then the pain will.
How could I have been so foolish to let you in?
I should have known better
But you slipped past my guarded door.
You wove yourself in and out of my mind
And buried yourself deep in my heart.
I wish I could run away from here
And never return.
But a different town, a million miles and
new faces can't even help me escape you.
I ripped off your mask and your true
Face was finally revealed.
The familiar image of one of my demons 
shines through you.
I can't believe I didn't notice it until now.
It's a shock I must say.
Cause you kissed me so softly
You held me so gently
I believed the sweet nothings you forever whispered.
But it was nothing but a false hope that I held so dearly.
I swear never again, so with no
Alternative I soar into the fires of hell
Where a soul like mine belongs.
Your reach out your hand as if to save me but i grab
you and pull you in.
For if I must be doomed to burn.......
So Shall You.