Hold Me In Gloom

Hold me this night, as we walk in the gloom,
Our bodies as one, and as cold as the tomb,
We live in our world, of dark and decay,
Feeding by night and resting by day,
As we had lived, we both have died,
With the knowledge of ages, from our enemies we hide,
The night beckons and calls us, as the sun sinks low,
With the full moon above us, the hunger will grow
To feed on the land, through lust and through love,
Our souls forever damned, by God up above,
To walk, to rape, to murder, to die,
We will travel eternity, just you and I,
No one can stop us, all are lost,
Humankind envies us, and will forever pay the cost,
So hold me this night, as we walk in the gloom,
But let me go, when I sink into doom....